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  • JES Construction is a Construction Company in Steubenville, OH

    Welcome to JES Construction, your premier construction company in Steubenville, OH . Whatever you need to have installed, replaced, or repaired, we can do it efficiently and at the highest of quality. We have factory direct pricing which makes our prices unbeatable and honest, so you can have the comfort of knowing that your wallet will not be drained when you give us a call. We specialize in a multitude of services to enhance the beauty of your home including:

    JES Construction has been in business for almost 20 years. We have a saying, "We don't do anything to your home or business that we wouldn't do to our own." We have been successful due to repeat customers and word of mouth. We will personally come to your home or business and go over all the options available to you. When you select the products you will be confident of your choice in choosing our company for your project or projects.

    To learn more about all of the construction and property maintenance services we offer, contact us today at JES Construction!

    What Makes Us Proud
    • Excellent Customer Service
    • Lifetime Warranty on Windows
    • Over 20 Years of Experience
    • Professional & Reliable
    • Quality Work
    Locations Served
    • Steubenville, OH
    • Surrounding Areas
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